Work carried out across the majority of the areas of law we practice is charged by time. Units of time are charged in 6 minutes at the hourly rate applicable to the fee earner providing the service. The hourly rates we charge range from £133.33 to £240.

Whenever possible, an estimation of the total cost will be provided at the outset of any instruction but this would not be a fixed fee arrangement. During any matter, estimations would be reviewed at such time it becomes apparent there are likely additional costs due to complexities or unexpected details.

Conveyancing pricing is generally based on fixed fee arrangements however as with any other area of law, complexities may arise which could result in additional costs. For a detailed example of conveyancing costs, please visit our dedicated page here.

Other costs that are likely to be incurred include court fees, land registry charges, registration costs (power of attorney for example) and bank transfer fees. Any of these costs would be advised of in advance and itemised.

Probate costs will often be calculated on a combination of the time spent at cost and the value of the estate. More detail for probate pricing can be found here.

Any fees or rates quoted are subject to VAT to be added at the prevailing rate.